Fidelity Now Offers Tax Sale Certification

Fidelity reviews the tax sale proceedings to determine if the property qualifies for the tax sale certification.

Here's how it works...

We ask that you provide as much of the following as possible:
  • Copy of Tax Sale Certificate
  • Copy of 4.5 Notice of Tax Sale and Right to Redeem
  • Proof of Service of 4.5 Notices including Green Cards
  • Copy of Title Search performed as part of the Tax Sale process
  • Proof of Publication of 4.5 Notice, if any
  • Copy of Verified Petition for Issuance of Tax Deed
  • Copy of 4.6 Notice of Filing Petition of Issuance of Tax Deed
  • Proof of Publication of 4.6 Notice, if any
  • Order Granting Tax Deed
If you do not have any of the items listed above, we are still able to help you through the process, it will just take longer than our typical turnaround time.
  • Turnaround time will be 10-14 business days after the deposit is received, the commitment is completed, and all documentation is provided by your tax sale buyer at time of order.
  • Once certified, you will be able to close on the property without quiet title.
PRICING: $1200.00 flat certification fee for properties with a sale price up to $200,000.00. A $350.00 non-refundable fee is due when the order is placed and credited toward the certification fee on the closing statement. The tax sale certification fee is an additional charge and separate from the customary settlement fees.